About Anna Lozyk Romeo

I have lived in Aurora for 25 years but my engagement in our community really became a focus for the last 14 years. I am a parent, small business owner, community volunteer, and political enthusiast. My creative work has helped to fundraise for the Aurora Food Pantry and Aurora Historical Society Hillary House Ball. I continue to contribute my creative content to local organizations as a way of promoting Aurora’s vibrant community. My complete photo journalist portfolio is reflected in my Living in Aurora community FOCUS blog.

For the last two Council terms (8 years) I have been consistently engaged in our town’s municipal politics including attending Council Meetings, General Committee, and Public Planning Meetings in addition to participating as a citizen member of the Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee (key objectives: Online Voting, Ward System and Council Compensation).

With knowledge and experience navigating our municipal system, I have been able to help community members address accessibility, environmental and development issues. I have generated political content and contributed to the local media for the last two municipal elections (2014, 2018). My goal is always to promote local engagement in politics. Leading up to Election 2022 I have written and led political discussions on municipal issues.

Aside from political interests, I have a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. I worked 10 years in both corporate and small business environments and to date I continue with a successful consulting business of 22 years. I have hands-on experience in design, project, business management, and leadership. I am a team builder.

My Living in Aurora Photo BLOG