Monday, July 22, 2024

My Vision for Aurora

Resilient Community

My vision for Aurora is to strive for a resilient community where we truly value diverse perspectives to encourage inclusivity and engagement.


I believe in leading by example with the fundamental value of respecting diverse perspectives.


I believe that policies are important tools to be upheld and maintained for our community during these times of growth and change.


I believe succession planning will bring long-lasting benefits to our community, making us stronger and more resilient.

Town of Aurora, Ontario

We live here ...

The Town of Aurora is my home.

Like you, we live here! We enjoy our beautiful parks, trails, and playgrounds. So many amazing events throughout the year. We support our local businesses and enjoy local shops and restaurants. We have places to visit. We are truly living in a great community.

Like everything else, our Town is constantly changing. Our population is growing. We need to be resilient, especially during times of growth. In the past five years alone our community has grown by almost 12% to ~ 62,000 people. Now with less available land for urban sprawl our community is entering an "infill" phase where higher density developments are being proposed more often. More than ever in this phase of growth for Aurora, we need to define and maintain a sustainable balance between development and natural preservation.

We need to be responsible stewards of our policies and shape our community so as to preserve our heritage and embrace our culture.

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