On October 24, 2022, the people of Aurora elected the next Mayor of Aurora and six Ward Councillors. Remember it is your responsibility to hold the Mayor and the elected Ward Councillors accountable. Please continue to stay “politically” engaged!

Over the years, I’ve heard people’s concerns about a variety of issues at council meetings. As times change, different issues need different priorities. However in the last couple of months, I’ve heard what matters most to people by going door-to-door, taking questions during organized events, meeting people in person, talking on the phone and/or answering questions via email.

Affordable & Sustainable Development
Accessibility & Infrastructure
Economic Growth

Affordable & Sustainable Development encompasses affordable housing initiatives and sustainable development associated with minimal environmental impact. While affordable housing affects cost of living, it is not the only answer. Paying taxes & water bills, access to town services, access to public transit, and local jobs are all part of it.

Accessibility and Infrastructure includes overseeing municipal inter-connectivity for everyone.

Economic Growth encompasses attracting larger corporations that will provide more local jobs and more business-to-business activities that will help local businesses as well. All town partnerships will require economic impact studies to ensure that they are a benefit to the community as a whole.