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As a resilient community, Aurora will maintain its defining character through short-term disruptions while adapting to long-term changes. In other words, while we focus on the end result it is important to justify the compromises required to get there.

As most of us are aware, our Town of Aurora is entering an “infill” phase of growth where higher density developments are being proposed more often. Infill developments can cause more disruptions than urban sprawl because they are happening within existing communities. Existing residential and business communities are suddenly affected by increased traffic, decreased accessibility, additional noise/dust, and implementation of additional utilities. That is why it is critical that our community is truly engaged to provide constructive input at the correct time when Town Plans, Policies, Service Levels, and Budgets are being considered and decided.


Leadership begins with defining values and establishing a culture within an organization or community. I believe in leading by example with the fundamental value of respecting diverse perspectives.


A policy defines the direction, steps and course of action that should be taken under different conditions to support present and future decisions. The intent of policies is to help an organization make decisions that are consistent and unbiased. I believe that policies are extremely important tools to be upheld and maintained, especially for our Aurora community during these times of growth and change.


Succession planning enables continuity of a vision based on a consistent direction and common values. We must invest in strong plans for the future by nurturing a culture of collaboration and ensuring the proper organizational elements are in place, so that those plans continue rather than end with the last leader. Proper succession planning will bring long-lasting benefits to residents, businesses, Council, and Town, and thus make our community stronger and more resilient in the future.