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Aurora Ward System: Culture of Collaboration and Inclusiveness


Town of Aurora residents will be served under a new Ward system this term 2022-2026 (beginning the day after October 24, 2022 election day).

Aurora will be divided into six wards and your ward will be represented at the Council table by one Councillor.

To find out in which Ward you live – click here.

Please remember that Council members are not part of a political party. The responsibilities of municipal governments are set out in the Municipal Act, 2001. If you would like to learn more about municipal governments in Ontario, here is a good start.

“I believe in leading by example with the fundamental value of respecting diverse perspectives.”

Anna Lozyk Romeo

What is the Mayor’s Role Under the Ward System?

  • The Mayor’s position is at-large, the Mayor serves the community as a whole.
  • The Mayor is the head of the Council.
  • The Mayor has one vote in the Council.
  • The Mayor represents Aurora at the York Regional Council.

Culture of Collaboration and Inclusiveness

Are you ready for the change in municipal government? As a resident or business owner, after the election you will have one Councillor to represent your Ward. However, what I find is that after so many years of consultation, the public is still unaware of the change. If one doesn’t know that a change is taking place, it is less likely one will experience the change. As a community, we are somehow divided on the idea of a ward system, but now that it’s here we can’t revert back. Therefore, we must embrace the change and make it work for the community of Aurora as a whole.

In my opinion, it’s a big change at the Council table. Now, one Ward Councillor will have a greater responsibility to look after their Ward, in addition to making decisions that affect the community as a whole.

It will be even more critical that the Council works in a collaborative and inclusive environment. After watching Council and Public Planning meetings for eight years, I identified some areas that can further improve collaboration at the Council table.

The following have contributed to long meetings, unnecessary disruptions, lack of focus and awareness, and frustration among Council members during decision-making:

  • Too many items on meeting agendas
  • Insufficient information
  • Failure to review and prepare
  • Procedural issues
  • Technology issues
  • Use of personal digital devices
  • Poor communication
  • Poor leadership

If elected, I will ensure that we as a Council will work in an inclusive and collaborative environment. We will learn about our strengths and weaknesses and work collectively for the betterment of the community. I will ensure that all members of the Council will be given equal opportunities, sufficient information, and all the necessary tools to make good decisions for the community as a whole.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo
Anna Lozyk Romeo
“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ― Albert Einstein

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