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Anna Lozyk Romeo joins race for Mayor | The Auroran | August 25, 2022

Through Living in Aurora, her community blog with a political edge, Lozyk Romeo has been a strong advocate for the environment and fiscal responsibility. Describing herself as “an environmentalist at heart,” she says there’s “lots to do at an environmental level because the Town is growing and I think we need to protect our environmentally-sensitive lands to strike the balance between growth and protecting the environment.” Read full article here.

Take personal opinion out of decisions: Aurora mayoral candidate | | August 28, 2022

Lozyk Romeo was the final mayoral candidate to enter the fray, following first-time candidate Phiona Durrant and incumbent Tom Mrakas who is seeking a second term.” Read full article here.

Aurora residents are in for big change at the ballot box and not all candidates like it | CBC Toronto | Sep 10, 2022

My statement submitted to CBC: “This will be the first term that Aurora will have wards. No doubt that our Council will face challenges; however, it is important to embrace the change. It will be essential for the Mayor to lead by example with the fundamental value of respecting diverse perspectives. Regardless of the structure, it is the Mayor’s responsibility to ensure that all Council members collaborate toward a common goal, to serve our Town of Aurora community as a whole.” Read full article here.

Aurora Votes 2022: Mayoral candidate Anna Lozyk Romeo focused on fiscal responsibility | The Auroran | October 13, 2022

If Anna Lozyk Romeo secures the Mayoral Chain on October 24, one of her first priorities will be hitting the ground running on next year’s Budget. Fiscal accountability has been a hallmark of her campaign so far and, if elected, this will be her goal for her first 100 days in office. “My simple answer is Budget 2023 and to start demonstrating our fiscal responsibility,” she says.Read full article here.